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On the World Population Day, July 11, the UNFPA and APR Group ("Advanced Public Research Group" NGO) presented the results of the quantitative research "Infertility Prevalence among the Population in Armenia" at the Media Center.

The speakers of the event were Anna Hovhannisyan, Population and Development Programme Analyst, UNFPA Armenia; Sexual and Reproductive Health Programme Analyst, UNFPA-Armenia and Liana Balyan, the president of APR Group ("Advanced Public Research Group" NGO)

Nation-wide household sample survey was conducted with the participation of 3,000 people of reproductive age, among them 1,532 were men and 1,468 were women. The research included the city Yerevan and all regions of the Armenia.              

In recent years, the decrease in the birth rate that has been recorded in Armenia leads to the disruption of the reproduction process. The reasons are vary: migration, reproductive behaviour change, socio-economic status of the population, etc. Moreover, the 44-day war of 2020 with its consequences emphasized the relevance of this issue in the republic.

The research aims at revealing the prevalence of infertility among the population of Armenia. The key findings will create basis for the evidence based health policies and strategy development.

The meeting records: