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Young people

Around half a million adolescents and youth live in Armenia. It is very important that they enter sexual life and reproductive age with healthy bodies and minds, as well as well informed and educated about relevant reproductive health issues. This is of particlular significance taking into account that according to certain estimates the age of first sexual intercourse in Armenia has been declining down to 15-16 years old.

One of the major inititaives in this area was the Reproductive Health Initiative for Youth in the South Caucasus (RHIYC), a three-year (2007-2009) project co-funded by the European Commission (EC) and UNFPA and supported by Ihe European Fund for Population and Development (EFPD). It sought to advance the sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and rights status of youth of ages 15-24 living in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. Built upon the best practices from around the globe, the RHIYC worked to enhance the access of young people and adolescents to quality and affordable SRH services and information.

Another initiative supported by UNFPA in this area is the Youth Peer Education (Y-PEER) Network  in Armenia, where young people share their knowledge of sexual and reproductive health related issues with their peers. The global Y-PEER network includes over 500 non-profit organizations and governmental institutions; its membership includes thousands of young people who work in the many areas surrounding adolescent sexual and reproductive health.

In additon, with UNFPA support healthy lifestyle and health education, including reproductive health, was incorporated into curriculum of the secondary educational institutions (8-9 grades of schools). The course in process of intorduction for 10-11 grades of schools.