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nder the overall guidance of the UNFPA Assistant Representative and the direct supervision of UNFPA National Programme Officer the Y-PEER project coordinator assists in the coordination, planning, implementation and monitoring of projects and activities targeted at young people within the framework of the UNFPA Country Programme and strengthening the Y-PEER network in Armenia. The project coordinator will perform following tasks:
A) Y-PEER Armenia Network Sustainability
A.1) Develop and coordinate establishment and strengthening of the Y-PEER Armenia national network structure 
A.2) Organize recruitment of new network members according the new structure (open call announcements, Volunteer agreement forms, terms of reference of network members and volunteers etc.)
A.3) Create Y-PEER activity related documentation such as (Annual working plan, M&E of the network and its members, network members’ profiles etc.)
A.4) Establish useful and productive cooperation with donor organizations and Governmental and non governmental institutions to insure the sustainability of the network 
A.5) Draft guidelines & manuals for Y-PEER related trainings and sessions 
A.2) Propose further steps for further development of the network as necessary