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Press conference on new developments regarding prenatal sex selection in Armenia

The problem of prenatal sex selection in Armenia remains an area of strong media interest.

On February 22, 2017, Armenpress, a leading Armenian media agency, invited Mr. Garik Hayrapetyan, UNFPA Armenia Assistant Representative, and Ms. Gayane Avagyan, Head of Maternal and Reproductive health Department of RA Ministry of Health, to present the recent developments pertaining to this phenomenon in the country.

Data from the National Statistical Service of Armenia show that 112 boys per 100 girls were born in Armenia in 2016.

Although the normal ratio is 102-106 boys to 100 girls, according to Mr. Hayrapetyan, we have had a positive tendency for three consecutive years: for comparison, 114 boys per 100 girls were born in 2013.

“We can surely consider this success. Armenia is one of a few countries that experienced such a positive tendency within just five years. I believe one of the reasons for that was

 that the issue was well-perceived by the society,” Mr. Hayrapetyan said.

Ms. Avagyan referred to the amendment of legislation banning the sex selective abortions, as well as mentioned that a 3-day waiting period was made a legal requirement for women planning an abortion, to give them time to rethink.

Mr. Hayrapetyan also brought about his observation that in some marzes parents do not send their daughters to school because there are either no or very few girls in the class. This potentially could become an impediment for girls to integrate into the society.