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On November 19 UNFPA Armenia initiated the development of posters that were presented in 5 stations of the Yerevan Metro announcing the International Men's Day.

The passengers’ feedbacks were very positive:

-I noticed the posters and was wondering the theme and was pleasantly surprised…we always mark International Women’s Day and I do vote for this initiative, we should have also men’s day.

-I do hope that it will become a real tradition to mark the day. I will mark this day with joy and pleasure together with my family at home. Considering the fact that we have a few special days in Calendar, it is nice that such days are initiated.

-Let’s celebrate this day and I am going to buy presents for my husband and son.

-I think, we can celebrate at least a day, as we do for women.

International Men’s day in Gyumri

International Men's Day was also celebrated in Gyumri with a very symbolic event, during which the results of an essay competition titled "My Father" was announced and the winners got awars.

About fifty young Armenian girls and boys participated in the competition highlighting the role of the father in the family. The competition was organised by Gyumri Youth Initiatives Centre NGO  as part of the "EU 4 Gender Equality: Together against Gender Stereotypes and Gender-based Violence" regional programme, funded by the European Union, implemented jointly by UN Women and UNFPA.  


A vox-pop interviews were conducted also by the young journalists of Hetq Media Factory trying to understand what Armenian residents whether they are aware about the day and what they think about celebrating the day.  

Auther: Paruyr Mushegyan


The Armenian residents' opinion on marking International Men's Day