Lusine Rostomyan, Director of Geghamasar Primary Healthcare Center
Lusine Rostomyan is from Yerevan, a pediatrician by profession. In the 2000s, she and her husband bought a country cottage for her parents-in-law in Gegharkunik marz. When the locals heard that she was a doctor, they offered her to move to the region and work there. "I consulted with my husband, and we decided to make the move. We've been living here for over 20 years now. Initially, it was challenging, bu...
International Day of Families celebration event in Aragatsotn Province of Armenia
Families from across the different communities of Aragatsotn province gathered in Talin City on the International Day of Families to celebrate family values - unity, solidarity and equality.
 Presentation of a Qualitative Assessment Among Refugees in Armenia on Vulnerability and Safety
Gender Thematic Group extended meeting was launched on April 5 aiming at presenting the key findings and recommendations of a qualitative assessment among refugees in Armenia on vulnerability and safety issues. The assessment was initiated by UNFPA.

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