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"I was really keen to study for a nail technician, but there were no opportunities before. After the war, my family and I moved to Goris and we needed to adapt to this new environment, find job and live here," said Ani Hovhannisyan, who is one of the participants of the training course organised by “Winnet Armenia” Network of Women's Resource Centres. "I was honestly very pleased when noticed that I was elected for this training course. The knowledge will allow me to provide in-home services. It is a chance to contribute to my family budget working from home, especially now, when my children are small and they need daily care.

Ani is one of the 100s of beneficiaries of the "Humanitarian Assistance" program funded by UNFPA Armenia that got an opportunity to be trained, obtain new skills and learn a trade. Upon successful completion of the course, the participants are provided with the necessary items to start their own business.

Astghik Khachatryan is also the program beneficiary, she is twenty years old and after war she moved to Goris with her family.

"I have learned about the program from WINNET Armenia, before that I did not know anything about the manicure technics, but our master, Eva, explained me everything, even minor details,” says Astghik "I used her working tools, materials to make a manicure and I think I am doing well (smiles) and that motivates me a lot”, says Astghik, who is studying at Goris State University, "I want to have a good job, it seems to be a dream now, but dreams come true, as this opportunity, that was given to me. I am sure, step by step everything will come true," says Astghik.

Ruzanna Torozyan, Head of the WINNET Armenia, said that within the framework of the program, trainings are being conducted in different branches of the center, aiming at women's economic empowerment in Armenia. She was happily sharing one of the success stories from Goris:

"Four participants from the previous course in Goris joined their efforts and decided to establish their own beauty salon. All four girls have been moved from Artsakh to Goris during the war. The program organized special trainings for them and as their demonstrated good participation, after the training the necessary equipment to start their own business was given to them. We also found sponsors, thanks to whom the beauty salon is currently being renovated," said Ms. Torozyan.

Yolyan Aneta is the founding director of the beauty salon, which is hosting the training participants for the second time and transferring professional knowledge to the beneficiaries of the program.

"We were keen to accept this cooperation opportunity and I told my colleagues that no bias approach is acceptable and they should share all their knowledge with the participants. We are happy for this cooperation, I myself started my business from the basic investments and it’s already five years that our beauty salon provides various services in Goris and we created almost 10 working places. We need to help each other, create a healthy working atmosphere, join our efforts and this is a key to overcome the difficulties”, says Aneta.