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COVID19 Response: UNFPA Supports the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

As part of COVID19 response, UNFPA Armenia continuous to provide support to one of its main counterparts, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, and through them to vulnerable groups of population amid the global outbreak and government measures.

The support included:

  • procurement and distribution of 50,000 gloves, 40,000 masks and 550 alcogels for "Haypost" Armenian Post Office employees to safely distribute pensions to more than 200,000 pensioners, and social workers of Elderly Houses and Orphanages;
  • procurement and distribution of 2000  gloves and 200 alcogels to the beneficiaries (older persons and other vulnerable groups) of “Charity Kitchen” and “Home Care” Programs through "House of Hope Charity Center;"
  • procurement and distribution of 20 protective uniforms to Mission Armenia NGO to provide home visits and home care to lonely elderly and other vulnerable groups of population.

In addition, UNFPA supported translation of two international documents, "Guidelines for care homes for older people in the context of Coronavirus (COVID-19)" and "COVID-19: Guidance and advice for older people", and sent them to Ministry of Health of Armenia for approval for further publishing and distribution:

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