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"Family Corner" opened in Vanadzor on 24 December. It will be the place where young men and women from Lori region can learn parenting skills and positive ways to address family challenges through training and events aimed at increasing men's participation in childcare, as well as shifting societal stereotypes about men's and women's roles in the family.

Family Corners are being established in cooperation with Gyumri Youth Initiatives Centre NGO as part of the "EU 4 Gender Equality: Together against Gender Stereotypes and Gender-based Violence" regional programme, funded by the European Union and implemented jointly by UNFPA and UN Women.

This event brought together representatives of the regional governments of Lori Marz, UNFPA Armenia, UN Women, Gyumri Youth Initiatives Centre (YIC), "Gugark" Central Polyclinic, and "Vanadzor Medical Center."

"It is important for us to work with both women and men. Our mission is to work with states and governments to create an environment in which the potential of everyone is fully utilized. On the one hand, we try to empower women to be self-sufficient. But, on the other hand, we work with men to make them more involved in families and children caregiving," emphasized Tsovinar Harutyunyan, Head of UNFPA Armenia Office.

The Secretary General of the RA Lori Governor's Office (Lori Marzpetaran) Kamo Afrashyan stated that the "Family Corner" is an important institution for the Lori region. 

"I am convinced that the 'Family Corner' will be a safe and comfortable platform for strengthening the equal rights of women and men, revealing gender issues, and overcoming families' domestic and social problems," said Kamo Afrashyan.

Madeleine Sundstroem, Policy Specialist, Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment, UN Women brought to the focus that the opening of family corners around Armenia is an essential part of the EU4GE programme, which aims to work against gender stereotypes and gender-based violence.

At the same time, Artur Najarian, the President of the Gyumri Youth Initiatives Centre NGO - UNFPA partner, expressed the hope that the "Family Corner" will be a safe and comfortable space for men and women, and will also support state and non-governmental institutions in the implementation of various initiatives and events.

Premiere screening of the "Dads matter" social video and awarding ceremony for the poster contest "Dads Matter" took place during the official opening of the "Family Corner."

Gyumri "Family Corner" resource center in Shirak region has been operating since 2020. Within the program's framework, it is planned to open a Family Corner in Tavush region in 2022.

The "EU 4 Gender Equality: Together against Gender Stereotypes and Gender-based Violence" regional three-year programme has started in 2020 and is implemented in 6 Eastern Partnership countries. In Armenia, the programme is implemented by UNFPA Armenia in three EU target regions: Shirak, Lori, and Tavush.

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