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In 2021, the Youth Capital of Armenia is Kapan, hence we celebrated August 12, the International Youth Day in Kapan.

We added three events to the events held for youth in Kapan that day.

First, at 12 o'clock we gave start to the youth Healthy Bike Run, aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle, physical activity and cycling. We organized it jointly with Kapan "Development Initiatives" NGO. Six randomly selected participants received prizes from UNFPA Armenia.

Then, in the evening, with the help of our long-time partner "Theater for Changes", we played our Save the Planet SDGs fun and educational Zebra Game, and the winners received prizes.

And finally, together with the Awesome Foundation Yerevan, we handed over the prize of $1000 to the winner of the Awesome Idea Competition for young people. Our winner is young Arpi Adamyan from Meghri with the idea of creating a home for young bloggers. Our partner UNICEF presented two more Awesome awards.

Here is our modest contribution for the youth of Syunik.

Happy International Youth Day!