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On July 17, UNFPA Armenia participated in a meeting held at the Ministry of Youth and Sports with representatives of more than 30 local and international organizations. The key topic of the meeting was coordination of events dedicated to the International Youth Day celebrated on August 12. RA Deputy Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs Kristine Asatryan led the meeting resulting in formation of a coordination committee.

UNFPA Armenia became one of the leading members of the committee with its support to a number of events starting from a press conference in Gyumri (host of the last year's IYD) on July 10, a Color Festival in Gyumri on July 11, continuing to Youth  Opportunities Conference in Ijevan, this year's Youth Capital in Armenia, and a theatrical SDG quizz game on July 12, and SGD forest quest game in the nearby forests of Gosh community on July 13 and 14.