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UNFPA Armenia, in partnership with the Association of Healthcare and Assistance to Older People, has launched a six-day Caring Without Hurting EduCamp for the Carestaff of Nursing Homes for specialists working with the elderly in care centers and nursing homes.

It is a unique program, the purpose of which is not only to develop the skills of specialists working with the elderly - nurses, nuns, caregivers – and to enrich their knowledge, but also to take care of them. After all, the caregiver's job is one of the most risky and emotionally draining.

The six-day camp will also serve as a wonderful platform for the exchange of experience, making new acquaintances, looking at the profession from a different perspective, and revisiting it. We will touch upon our positions on geriatrics, gerontology, old age, common health problems, and proper care in those cases, as well as many, many other important topics contributing to making the work that has become daily life more effective and efficient.