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On October 20,  UNFPA Armenia was invited to mark the World Statistics Day at the faculty of statistics of Armenian State University of Economics (ASUE). Faculty students and dean, Mr. Manuk Movsisyan, other faculty professors and university staff gathered together for the event. Mrs. Anna Hovhannisyan, project coordinator for Support for Implementation of Population Policies, and Mr. Mher Manukyan, communications assistant, represented UNFPA Armenia. ASUE library and UNDPI initiated the event. 

Mr. Manuk Movsisyan greeted the participants congratulating on the occasion. Ms. Armine Hovhannisyan, ASUE library director, also welcomed the participants and stressed the importance of the profession of statistician. Mrs. Anna Hovhannisyan assured the students that they had made the right choice in the profession, and noted that no country could properly develop withhout accurate statistical data.

During the event, UNFPA Armenia screened two films: the first one told about the mission of the National statistical Service of Armenia; the second film was a short film on the findings of UNFPA Armenia study of fertility preferences of Armenian families. 

Professor Martin Fahradyan thanked the organizers for the event. Mr. Fahradyan stressed the importance of high level of knowledge for a statistician, as he/she is not only collecting but also analyzing data. 

Mr. Movsisyan concluded the event, wishing many happy returns and future interesting events to mark the World Statistics Day. Thedean proudly stated that ASUE was the only university preparing statisticians in Armenia.