International Best Practices for the Prevention of Prenatal Sex Selection: Recommendations for Action for Armenia

No. of pages: 30

Publication date: 20 December 2012

Author: UNFPA

As a contribution to the current research of UNFPA Armenia, this paper aims to identify best practices for the prevention of prenatal sex selection by examining previously successful instruments and campaigns internationally and then giving concrete recommendations for action in Armenia. It takes into consideration the specific notion of the phenomenon in Armenia as presented in the recent UNFPA report on “Prevalence of and Reasons for Sex-selective Abortions in Armenia”.

This research is based on three sources:

  • Interviews with representatives from international, governmental and non-governmental organizations that deal with preventing sex-selective abortions,
  • Scientific papers and presentations on the prevention of sex-selective abortions,
  • Online research on international best practices for preventing prenatal sex selection, sex-selective abortions and normalizing the skewed sex ratio at birth (SRB).

The findings of this research are condensed in the present report.