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The Republic of Armenia (RA) is among the countries with the largest deviation in the sex ratio at birth. According to the data of the RA Statistical Committee, the sex ratio at birth (SRB) was 108.8 boys per 100 girls in 2021, while the natural level of SRB in the world is 104-106 boys per 100 girls. Although the SRB decreased reaching 108.8 boys in 2021 in comparison to the rate in 2012 (115 boys per 100 girls) as a result of the programs implemented in recent years, in 2022 according to the data of the first semester, the indicator has increased again by 3 points in comparison to the data of the same period of 2021(108) reaching to 111.

Ongoing efforts towards improving the situation can ensure the sustainability of achievements, prevent backsliding, and promote progress. Continuous inter-sectoral cooperation and promotion of the involvement of various state and non-state actors positively impacted the reduction of sex imbalance. In particular, the coordinated work of state authorities local and international organizations within the framework of the RA 2020-2023 program on prevention of the genderbiased sex selection, which includes policy development, capacity building, and awareness raising, has proven to be essential. In this context, it is particularly important to develop the capacity of healthcare workers and promote their gender sensitivity.

Therefore, there is a need to ensure the sustainability of already recorded progress and further reinforcement of the established mechanisms to make the efforts towards prevention of GBSS in the spheres of education and healthcare more coordinate. Hence, this policy brief presents recommendations based on the results of the survey aimed to assess the prevalence and causes of sex-selective abortions conducted in June 2022 in Armenia.