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"Basics of Care for Elderly People and Persons with Disabilities" Now Online

With UNFPA Armenia Country Office support, the Association of Healthcare and Assistance to Older People, in response to COVID19 epidemic, launched an online version of the two-month course on "Basics of Care for Elderly People and Persons with Disabilities", intended for all interested including nurses, social workers and family members of elderly people and people with disabilities. The teaching specialists are doctors who are also specialized in professional care, and have undergone a number of trainings in the field of geriatrics and gerontology at the Association's partner international organizations (EuGMS, РГНКЦ).

Most elderly people develop a number of health problems that require special attention. The quality of life of them and people with disabilities largely depends on care and its proper organization. Therefore, it is very important that the caregiver, whether a family member or a specialist (for example, a nurse), possesses special knowledge and skills in the field of care.