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People from vulnerable groups, in particular persons with disabilities need even more protection and attention in situation of COVID-19 pandemic. Committed to its mission of delivering a world, where every person’s potential is fulfilled, UNFPA readily responded to the request from to NGOs operating in the sphere of children and young people with disabilities. Personal protective equipment provided to them enabled restarting the activities of their rehabilitation centers.

Specifically, 2,800 masks, 5,000 gloves and 35 pcs of special outwear procured for the Source Foundation dedicated to the inclusion of children with disabilities, allowed safe restarting of the Source House. From now on around 100 children per month will be able continuing their rehabilitation therapies in the center.

The “Step Forward” NGO established by the initiative of parents of children and young people with disabilities also will be able to safely restart the activities of its rehabilitation center. 2400 pcs of protective masks, 3000 pairs of gloves and 25 pcs of special outwear will support providing safe environment for children, adolescents and young people with autism, Down syndrome, hyperactivity syndrome and other disabilities to continue accessing services crucial to their development and inclusion.

No one should be left behind. United, we will win.