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It's Ne's Birthday

- Hi, my name is Ne. Once I was wandering in the winding gorges, when ... this is what happened:


Ne was the daughter of the Water Lady. She was a joyful little river that streamed down between the mountains. Once Ne met a kind and handsome fisherman who took her to his town - Boytown. Boytown was situated on top of a hill, where there were no springs of water, and no river was reaching it. The folk at Boytown was quite amazed when they saw Ne, because she was the first girl in a long long time to be seen in the town. Then it happened like this:


Boytown, which was dry and arid before, turned green, and Ne became Boytown’s family member.


Ne was born on 11 October 2013 and started her journey in the world full of adventures. She is the symbol of Girl Child Day in Armenia. Ne was created by a group of bright young people – volunteers of Tumo Centre Shamiram Khachatryan, Levon Baghdasaryan, Murad Vardzelyan, Arevik Aroyan and Grisha Grigoryan. Shamiram Khachatryan is the author of Ne’s final depiction.


Ne was quite active during this period. She has managed to:


Appear on T-shirts and beatify other applied items:


Become an image doll:


Warm people as a New Year postcard this way:


And even this way:


Travel in Armenia as a performance character:

And even possess a Facebook page:

Ne’s colorful journey continues. Happy birthday, Ne!


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* According to the Modern Armenian Explanatory Dictionary by E. Aghayan “ne” is a personal female pronoun (third singular, nominative – like “she” in English) created and some time used by Western Armenian clerisy.