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We hereby solicit your quotation for creating a piece for interactive theatre to promote gender equality and increase the value of girls in society within the framework of the UNFPA Global Programme to Prevent Son Preference and the Undervaluing of Girls.


In cooperation with UNFPA, the bidder should create a 30-minute piece of interactive theatre which will aim to address the issue of son preference and undervaluing of girls in society. The play’s target audience should be young adults as well as the general population. The play should promote gender equality and raise awareness about harmful practices of son preference and gender-biased sex selection.

A piece of interactive theatre is a theatrical performance in which actors engage the audience into discussion of an issue of social importance. By letting the audience decide on the outcome of the performance, interactive theatre will allow audience members to voice their opinion on the issue, practice collective decision-making and productive dialogue.

Selection process

  1. The bidder should submit the plot synopsis and detailed budget breakdown to UNFPA by April 1, 2019.
  2. Upon selection, the bidder obliges to develop an original script for interactive theatre and present it to UNFPA for approval by April 15, 2019.
  3. The bidder should have the play ready for performance by 30 June 2019. The performance will take place in July and/or August 2019 in Yerevan.

If you are interested in submitting a quotation for these item, kindly fill in the attached quotation form, sign/seal it and send by email/ post to the address indicated below no later than 01 April, 2019.

Name of Contact Person in UNFPA: Mr. Artur Ishkhanyan

Street address: 14 Petros Adamyan

Tel No.: 37491219743

Email address of Contact Person: